Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Super stressed about money and ability. SUPER STRESSED.


  1. re: stress, money, and ability

    If you're talking about the ability to finish the photo project due to lack of funds, I understand why you're stressing. It's difficult to come up with financing.

    If you're stressing cause you feel the doc. shots you have of the spills are "lacking" then the crisis is only in your head.

    Your photos of the spill have gravitas, ie, shown the scale of the situation in a way I hadn't seen before or imagined.

    The photos are very strong.

    Note: If you decide to do another "financing" round you can count on a pledge or two from me.

  2. addendum:

    just read the latest entry on your regular blog (side jawn) where you further explain what you're talking about here.

    Won't delete the previous comment cause I *do* believe you're on-target with your photos.