Friday, July 30, 2010

A component I want to explore with this project is a shift of perspective and a struggle to make out what the photo is showing the viewer.

All of the shots are human scale, but with a lack of size reference there's confusion as to the size of what's there.

Below is oil in a tidal pool

oil in tidal pool_6863 web

Below is the same pool

oil in tidal pool size reference_6809 web cropped

Below is the size reference of the pool, my foot is in a white bootie at the bottom of the frame

oil in tidal pool size reference_6809 web

Below is a patch of oiled sand on a Waveland beach, I made the photo standing and shooting down

oil on beach_6709 web


the 2 photos below were made standing and shooting at the horizon

waters closed to fishing and trawling_6049 web

grand isle beach_4965 web


the photos below were made shooting from a plane that was flying to the site of the spill. The best perspective on the size of these is in the first photo where you can see a shrimping boat at the upper right corner.

boat on oiled gulf_3604 web

gulf_4157 web

bayou_3517 web

bayou_4155 web


gusher site_3827 web

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