Friday, July 30, 2010

Countering BP's PR: Deception by Dispersal; The Great Gulf Oil Tragedy by Rocky Kistner

Check it out.
A component I want to explore with this project is a shift of perspective and a struggle to make out what the photo is showing the viewer.

All of the shots are human scale, but with a lack of size reference there's confusion as to the size of what's there.

Below is oil in a tidal pool

oil in tidal pool_6863 web

Below is the same pool

oil in tidal pool size reference_6809 web cropped

Below is the size reference of the pool, my foot is in a white bootie at the bottom of the frame

oil in tidal pool size reference_6809 web

Below is a patch of oiled sand on a Waveland beach, I made the photo standing and shooting down

oil on beach_6709 web


the 2 photos below were made standing and shooting at the horizon

waters closed to fishing and trawling_6049 web

grand isle beach_4965 web


the photos below were made shooting from a plane that was flying to the site of the spill. The best perspective on the size of these is in the first photo where you can see a shrimping boat at the upper right corner.

boat on oiled gulf_3604 web

gulf_4157 web

bayou_3517 web

bayou_4155 web


gusher site_3827 web

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Firing Line by Mattathias Schwartz

Check out this article by Matt Schwartz in the NYT today... Firing Line by Mattathias Schwartz

Matt and I are planning on working together on a piece based around the upcoming Shrimp and Petroleum Festival. He recently spent some time in Southern Louisiana and recommended that I get in touch with Buddy Compton, who turned out to be a great guy and an incredible source of information.

I'm really looking forward to working with him on some something.
It's premature to begin laying out the photos in book format but it's helping me figure out the structure of the project on the whole and which photos might be the keystones.

Full bleed on right hand side photo is likely
Right hand side photo with small black border is possible
No text or page numbers is definite
Photo on the right hand and left hand page is possible, but very unlikely
Photo on the right hand page and blank page on the corresponding left hand page is very likely
If left blank, left hand page will be black matte paper

I'm thinking about paper vellum between the blank page and the photo although that's unlikely
I'm also thinking about extending the size of the book length wise to allow for a black margin on the left hand side of the photo on the right hand page.

Another option is accordion fold out.

I'm thinking how many I'm going to make... most likely 250 to 300 total.

In addition to the more traditional book format, I also might make a tabloid publication akin to one published in Madrid, a newspaper with pull out images.


on the beach layout oiled boom border left of photo

on the beach layout capt buddy border left of photo

on the beach layout marsh border left of photo


on the beach layout marsh web

on the beach layout driving from port fourchon web

on the beach layout capt buddy

on the beach layout boat in oiled gulf web

on the beach layout kids on oiled beach

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A bunch of these shots would have benefited from the use of a faster camera. And a bunch of these shots would have benefited from the use of a large format camera. Realistically, in terms of getting the most out of the day the camera I used is fine. There's 2 or 3 portraits I'd like to go back and redo with a large format camera and I'd love to go back to the oyster fields with a bigger camera.
boats heading in before the storm_2399 web

oiled water permanent _3228 web
fisherman on waitlist_3567 web

dirty south will rise_3553 web
asphalt made with oil and sand in ocean_0377 web
barge_9690 web

On The Beach

3 days left to help fund... if you can please help me out! I want to go back to Southern Louisiana one more time and shoot at the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival in Morgan City. It's happening Labor Day week. I need an additional 1500 to be able to do it.


From the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival website...

Please join us for our 75th annual festival to be held Sept. 2 - 6, 2010, in picturesque downtown Morgan City, Louisiana. This is an event that will prove that oil and water really do mix. Deep in the heart of Cajun Country, every Labor Day Weekend, tens of thousands of people celebrate at Louisiana's oldest chartered harvest festival.

The festival has been honoring those who have worked tirelessly through rain and shine...and sometimes even hurricanes, to provide the area's economic lifeblood for over half a century. The festival also emphasizes the unique way in which these two seemingly different industries work hand-in-hand culturally and environmentally in this area of the "Cajun Coast."
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
capt jim _1792 web

driving from venice_2246 web
bathers in oiled water_1485 web

bathers in oiled water_1461 web

bathers in oiled water and on beach_1357 web

bathers in oiled water_1331 web

bathers in oiled water_1317 web

bathers in oiled water_1294 web

bathers in oiled water_1257 web
permanent boom_3219 web

capt buddy_1662 web

bayou billboard_1112 web
coast guard flyover_3218 web

oiled poms_0500 web

capt buddy and capt kurt_1625 web
man with fleur de lis tattoo_0973 web

reeds and powerplant_1885 web
home near grand isle_0919 web

don't forget us_0760 web
boom on grand isle beach_0773 web

boom on grand isle beach_0781 web
oiled poms, elmers island_0462 web

oiled poms_0473 web

oiled poms_0477 web

oiled poms, elmers island_0518 web

oiled poms, elmers island_0509 web

oiled poms_0475 web

oiled poms_0477 web

oiled poms, elmers island_0530 web

oiled poms, elmers island_0531 web