Thursday, July 15, 2010

On The Beach Funding

Thanks to all who have supported me in making this work, by helping with information, emotional support, and financial support. Please help me spread the work... I think it's incredibly important to both record, and see, what's going on and I want to make this into a larger project than I had originally conceived. The Gulf Coast is fucked up for a long time and this is the start of a long haul for them. No one knows what's going to happen... are they going to reopen the waters in a few months or a few years, when will it be safe to live and fish there, what are the local and nation repercussions... just on and on with this.

On The Beach Funding

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  1. This is almost too depressing to even read/look at. What is wrong with our species? Would we, as a collective whole, give up almost all of our creature comforts (air travel, on-demand retail, etc) to have a lighter footprint on the planet? I suspect no, which means this is just a taste of the end.