Friday, July 16, 2010

On The Beach Fundraising Site

Here's what I want to do, but I need a lot more cash because I'm already out of the money I raised though USArtists. I want to go back and make work from Florida to Texas, the entire coast that's been affected. And I want to go back to Louisiana next week for another flyover, to make more photos that include size references to illustrate the scope of the spill. And I want to document some of the people who have been affected. And I want to go back to Louisiana, to Grand Isle and Port Fourchon and Buras and Venice. And back to Mississippi, too.

It's difficult to get to some of these places and it takes much longer than I thought to get from one place to another, but I think I've got to do it. Plus there's a sort of media blackout and that's time consuming to circumvent. But it's not impossible for me to get around it.

Then I want to make a book. I could probably make a 30 photo publication from my first 4 day trip, but I think documenting this catastrophe is way, way bigger in every sense than I imagined and I think it's really important. Within the next few years there's going to be pressure to open fishing waters and beaches to areas that have been significantly impacted by the disaster and I want to figure out how to incorporate the waiting on the possibility of a return to condition of the Gulf pre BP disaster.

I'm keeping at with the fundraising, please pass it on... I'm not going to let you down.

On The Beach Project Site

clean up crew picking up big piece of oil_7936 web
Clean Up Workers in Waveland, MS


buried oil with size reference_6682 web

Reference Photo: Oil is buried under the sand by the surf

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