Sunday, September 26, 2010

Testing The Water

Testing The Water Mission Statement:
Our grassroots movement of concerned citizens is dedicated to ascertaining the true magnitude of health risks associated with exposure to oil and chemical dispersants in the Gulf waters through independent laboratory testing. Our citizen's coalition supports the advocation of the Precautionary Principle when it comes to Environmental Protection Safety.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

grand isle beach_4965 web

I'm not quite back to working on the gulf stuff, but I keep coming back to this photo. Man, I knocked it out of the park with this one.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

matt_6876 web
cleaning glasses_7398 web

woman with glow sales_7389 web
blessing of the fleet_4741 web

hunt downer_5689 web
bayou_8285 web

oil rig underwater craft_7660 web

bayou_8304 web
matt tune_6512 web

catfish heads_9052 web
bear with 100 dollar bills on it_0979 web
matt tune_8463_1 web

refrigerator_8271_1 web
decorated shrimping boat_6129 web

petroleum club_6358 web
matt tune_6462 web
man in keep drilling shirt_5072 web

rollercoaster in front of house_5085 web
shrimp and petroleum crown_4835 web
matt tune fishing line_7564 web

slow the f__k down_7788_2 web
jesus anchor necklace_5864 web
couple at shrimp and petroleum carnival_5385 web
blessing of the fleet_4784 web

shrimp and petroleum_5305 web
blessing of the fleet_4701 web
swimming_3308 web

blessing of the fleet_4547 web

waterbound all day_3152 web

woman outside blowout_3824 web

blessing of the fleet_4022 web
don't fuck with us water line_2088 web

woman in backseat of car_2776 web

morgan city window_1673_1 web
li'l b_1123 web

morgan city window_1241_1 web

shrimp and petrol cake_1416 web