Sunday, August 1, 2010

Working on ordering the photos, but I'm going to stop work on this for 2 weeks while I work on Brighton. I need a little time away from them so I can figure out what the hell I'm doing.

bayou_3517_1 web

tropical storm coming den lounge_1618 web

closed oyster farming_5446 web

oiled beach_0404 web

capt kurt_1635 web

boats heading in before the storm_2403 web

boat on oiled gulf_3604 web

gulf_4157 web

coast guard flyover_3218 web

stephen and matt on oiled beach_8136 web

driving to grand isle_6464 web

grand isle beach_4965_1 web

capt buddy_1697 web

boat with boom through reeds_2091 web

dead fish_0242 web

bathers in oiled water_1327 web

asphalt made with oil and sand in ocean_0377 web

waveland_7920 web

oil on beach_6702 web

boom on grand isle beach_0778 web

grand isle beach_4816 web

oil in tidal pool_6863 web

waveland_7533 web

jimmy and boom_9658 web

oiled poms, elmers island_0527 web

oiled water_7464 web

home near grand isle_0919 web

waveland_8346 web

oiled debris in water_7407 web

waveland_7484 web

bp disaster_3864_1 web

Gerry looking at beach_8556 web

oil in water_7163 web

waveland_7595 web

power washing the beach_8653 web

haz mat oiled shoe covers_7884 web

fish swimming in oiled water_8462 web

gulf_5027 web

new absorbent boom_1188_1 web

bp disaster_3745_1 web

waveland_7936 web

waveland_8292 web

oiled poms, elmers island_0518 web

bp pay us our money picnic table_3695

capt jim_1652_3 web

grand isle beach_4859 web

waveland_8199 web

driving from port fourchon_3291 web